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   Building Owners and Managers Association Nashville

What is Nashville BOMA?
The Building Owners and Managers of Nashville is a trade association representing the largest industry - real estate.  BOMA Nashville is federated with the International Building Owners and Managers Association.

What is the mission of Nashville BOMA?
"The purpose of the Building Owners and Managers Association is to actively and responsibly represent and promote the interests of the commercial real estate industry through effective leadership and advocacy, through the collection, analysis and dissemination of information, and through professional development."

What is the purpose?
The strategic purpose of BOMA Nashville is to enhance the value and success of our members.  The organization achieves this purpose through providing education, government advocacy and networking events for all members both building owners and managers and companies in commercial real estate.

When is the meeting?
Our monthly meetings are a luncheon on the second Wednesday of each month at Gaylord Springs Clubhouse.  Attending BOMA Luncheons is a great way to get involved in the association.  Each luncheon features a speaker of interest to the commercial real estate industry.

Luncheons also provide members with an opportunity to network with others engaged in the industry through an informal setting.  BOMA luncheons are free for registered members.  Reservations are required by 5 p.m. on the Friday before the following Wednesday meeting.

How do I get involved?
Joining a committee can be a great place to start.  BOMA committees allow members to become a part of carrying out the mission of the association.  They also provide members with a great networking opportunity.  As a committee member, you will work along side others to achieve a common goal.

Organization Documents
BOMA Nashville Constitution & Bylaws
BOMA Nashville Code of Ethics

For more information contact info@bomanashville.com.

BOMA Membership Benefits

As industry professionals, you must decide where to spend your most valuable resources: time and money and stay up-to-date with technological advances, legislative issues and market conditions. You also need information that is fast and reliable in order to stay competitive. Membership in BOMA's federated local associations and BOMA International can provide all of this and more when you take full advantage of the information and programs available to you. Learn more about the different types of BOMA membership here.

Legislative Advances

BOMA International is the premier real estate advocacy group and serves as the government watchdog for national real estate industry issues. Members receive advance notice and information on legislation, regulation, and codes through Currents, our monthly advocacy newsletter.

Civil Unrest Preparedness Guide

This preparedness guide was first introduced in anticipation of turmoil surrounding the 2020 election. Given current economic uncertainty and political tensions, preparedness should remain a top concern. This guide has some commonsense precautions and a checklist that building managers can take to protect the building and its tenant base. Click here for the full report.

Peer Interaction

Networking opportunities are another key element of BOMA membership. Whether it is  at a monthly luncheon or golf tournament hosted by one of our local associations, or participating in our conferences, you will gain as much value from networking with your peers as from the structured programs. We invite you to read these Member Tips.

Access to Information

Information is power and BOMA International understands how valuable our role is in keeping our members informed. Our research publications, seminars,  and the designation programs offered by BOMI Institute are all designed to keep you informed.

The BOMA Magazine, is a source for up-to-the-minute news and information. We also invite you to visit this website often for the most current information resources available to you.

Global Involvement

BOMA is an international organization with affiliated organizations currently in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, South Africa, United Kingdom, and growing. As you and your organization move further into the global marketplace, you will find that BOMA is a valuable ally and resource.

Member-Only Discounts

BOMA provides its members with discounts on publications, seminars and other BOMA sponsored program, and special reduced rates for employee testing services through Personnel Survey and Research Group (psr).

• The Building Collapse in Surfside: What You Need to Know •
Click here to download a brief from BOMA.

Federated with BOMA International